The mission of Smart Bussiness Hackathon is to create technology solutions, initiatives, and effective bussiness models that will contribute to the social good and address the needs and challenges facing humanity.We have the following themes on which you can develop and submit your ideas

Medical Devices | Healthcare | Bio Sensing Technologies

A Bussiness idea or plan that would help in managing Healthcare better.Use technology to create smart healthcare solutions for people.

Clean Water

Creating Devices or a perfect bussiness plan/model to improve distribution, management and purification of water

Waste Management

Bussiness models could be in the form of waste segregation, disposal, and improved transportation

Rural Development

Bussiness ideas plans keeping in mind the need to improve the quality of life, employment opportunities etc in Rural India.


Smart Bussiness idea/plan to improve education practicies and increasing reach of learning opportunities in India.


A Bussiness idea or plan which can reduce the transportation cost with effective management.

Agriculture | Agro-processing | Agro-technology

A Bussiness idea or plan about productive , qualitative and value enhancing changes to the primary sector of Indian-Agriculture

Disaster Management

A Bussiness idea or plan in the sector of disaster management.


An innovative business plan on Energy Conservation/ Management.

Child Nutrition

A Bussiness idea or plan to improve the child nutrition


Solutions | Bussiness plans on NGO Management, Art & Craft, Event Management, Banking, E-commerce etc.